Attorney Referrals

Attorney Referrals in Timonium-Lutherville MD

The Law Office of Justin A. Wallace also accepts personal injury cases from other attorneys in the Baltimore area. The firm handles referred cases ranging from car accidents to wrongful death claims. If you are a local attorney looking to refer your case to another firm or interested in discussing your case with another lawyer, look no further!

Attorney Justin A. Wallace is an experienced trial lawyer who handles personal injury claims. He is an honest attorney with a straight-shooter attitude, so you can trust that he will handle your referral case with attentive and analytical eyes. The staff at the Law Office of Justin A. Wallace also aims to facilitate strong relationships between attorneys and clients, so you can expect a strong support system as you collaborate with Attorney Wallace. He is more than prepared to take the reins of your case and help you and your client overcome your legal challenges in Timonium-Lutherville.

Client Reviews

Providing Detailed Attention On Every Case
  • Result was well beyond my comprehension!

    “I can't stress enough how this team made me feel like I and my injuries mattered to them. The effort given to the details of my case was amazing and the result was well beyond my comprehension.”

    - Chuck, Former Client
  • Friendly, professional and detail oriented.

    “Justin is a go-getter! He takes his time and explains everything that's taking place with your case. He is very friendly, professional, and detail-oriented. I know I had a million questions and he answered every one with no hesitation.”

    - Anissa, Former Client
  • Justin is the rare breed of lawyer!

    “Justin is the rare breed of lawyer who is compassionate towards his clients and tenacious in fighting for compensation. And I would not want to be the insurance lawyer going up against him in a courtroom.”

    - Adam, Former Client
  • When you're hurt, it's good to have someone fighting on your side.

    “I appreciated Justin and his team communicating in various ways and keeping me updated as I'm hearing impaired. They were so patient explaining everything and making sure we fought through this to the end.”

    - Rasheedah, Former Client
  • Justin is a very gifted lawyer!

    “This team is knowledgeable, communicative, and efficient.”

    - Brenna, Former Client

Resolving Referred Cases for Baltimore Law Firms

The Law Office of Justin A. Wallace takes a personalized approach to all its cases, and this is certainly the attitude the firm takes with referred cases. Whether you seek legal assistance from another lawyer or want to transfer your case to another firm, the Law Office of Justin A. Wallace is the right place to turn. With the collaborative skill of an experienced and dedicated trial lawyer, you might reach a resolution sooner than you thought.

Reach out to the Law Office of Justin A. Wallace for more information on the firm’s referral services. Do not hesitate to contact the legal team today to get moving on your case.

The Type of Legal Representation Your Client Needs

  • Big-Firm Results, Small-Firm Attention
    At our firm, our clients get the personalized attention they need without compromising on results.
  • Exceptional Trial Attorney
    Over the years, Attorney Wallace has displayed exceptional skill and talent when litigating cases in court.
  • Always Working in the Best Interest of Our Clients
    Pursuing an outcome that is most important to the client and their families is our number one priority.
  • Tech-Savvy Firm
    Our team uses technology to make the client experience as easy and streamlined as possible.
We Don't Back Down

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