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Business owners have the legal duty to ensure their premises are safe for guests, which might include hiring security if the premises require it (e.g., nightclubs) or if the business is located in a high-crime area. If you have been injured in a situation when security could have been able to prevent it had they been attentive or adequately trained, you can sue the business owner for negligence. The Law Office of Justin A. Wallace can take a closer look at your situation and craft an effective case for damages based on negligent security. Focus on your personal recovery while you leave the legal concerns to Attorney Justin A. Wallace.

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Understanding Negligent Security Claims in Maryland

Negligent security incidents fall under the premises liability category of injury cases, as security is a crucial part of the premises of a business establishment. Maryland law establishes that property owners or business owners have a duty of care to ensure that guests on their premises are protected against foreseeable crimes or danger. Failing to provide for such preventative security may constitute negligence on their part.

Negligent security accidents can occur in shopping malls, parking garages, restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, and bars, among other public places that require security.

Some specific examples of negligent security are:

  • failing to adequately train security to stop fights or attacks;
  • failing to hire any security for an establishment in a high-crime area;
  • the hired security being inattentive to a fight occurring on the premises and not stepping in to prevent escalation.

Legal Steps for Negligent Security Lawsuits in Baltimore

To take legal action against negligent security, the plaintiff will need to prove that the hired security on the premises acted negligently:

  1. The property owner had a duty of care to keep the premises reasonably safe (e.g., prevent dangerous individuals from entering the bar or restaurant located in a high-crime area).
  2. The property owner breached their legal duty by neglecting to hire security or failing to provide adequate security.
  3. The property owner’s breach directly caused the plaintiff’s injuries.
  4. The plaintiff suffered damages as a result of their injuries, such as financial losses or pain and suffering.

Parties that can be held liable for negligent security accidents include the property owner, business owner, landlord, or event host or coordinator, among other individuals in charge. In a successful case, the at-fault party will be required to pay damages to compensate for the plaintiff’s losses, including economic damages (lost wages, medical bills) and non-economic damages (emotional anguish, mental distress).

Negligent security incidents may happen more often than you think, especially in an area like Baltimore where crime rates are not low. Consulting an experienced lawyer can help you better understand the legal implications of your case and how you can move forward with a lawsuit for damages.

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