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Some of the most serious accidents can result in catastrophic injuries that impact the way you move and act for the rest of your life. If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury in Maryland, you have every right to sue for monetary and non-monetary damages. The Law Office of Justin A. Wallace aims to provide personalized representation for injured clients coping with serious injuries, and Attorney Justin A. Wallace will build a formidable case for your right to damages. From lost wages to medical bills to pain and suffering, Attorney Wallace will do his best to fight for compensation for your catastrophic injuries.

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What Is Considered a Catastrophic Injury?

While any injuries incurred in an accident may be eligible for damages, more serious injuries could result in greater recoverable damages.

Generally, catastrophic injuries are life-altering and long-lasting injuries that affect a person’s foreseeable future, such as:

  • spinal cord injuries;
  • traumatic brain injuries;
  • second and third degree burns;
  • amputation or loss of limbs;
  • organ damage or loss;
  • blindness or deafness;
  • bone fractures;
  • neurological disorders;
  • permanent injuries affecting the central nervous system;
  • serious scarring;
  • other instances of paralysis or disfigurement.

Any serious accident could cause a catastrophic injury. Car crashes, truck or motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice (e.g., surgical accidents, contaminated medication), dog bites, slips and falls, etc. could all lead to serious long-term injuries if severe enough. A person may also sustain catastrophic injuries while performing their job duties, such as lifting heavy machinery or working on scaffolding.

Suing for Damages

Injured individuals have a few different methods to sue for damages, depending on the circumstances of their case. An injured plaintiff can pursue a standard claim for damages if they have sustained catastrophic injuries due to unsafe premises or a reckless car crash, and a successful case may award damages including:

  • medical bills and expenses;
  • future medical treatment and long-term care expenses (e.g., hiring a personal care assistant);
  • pain, suffering, and mental anguish or trauma stemming from the injury;
  • present and future lost wages;
  • physical therapy;
  • psychological therapy;
  • costs of retrofitting their residence to accommodate their handicapping injuries.

Alternatively, if the person sustained catastrophic injuries while on the job, they may instead claim workers’ compensation, which similarly covers lost wages, medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation to help injured victims find new jobs if they are unable to return to their previous job, and permanent impairment.

When to File a Lawsuit

It is important to note the statute of limitations for injury lawsuits; the court will be unlikely to hear any case filed after the deadline. Different types of civil claims will have varying statutes of limitations:

  • Catastrophic injury lawsuit – 3 years from the date of the injury
  • Workers’ compensation – 60 days from the date of the injury (if it was an accident); 18 months from the date of death if the employee died from accidental work injuries; or 2 years from the date the employee discovered the injury was due to an occupational hazard
  • Wrongful death (not claiming workers’ compensation) – 3 years from the date of death

Do not hesitate to contact an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer to discuss your legal options in detail. Such injuries are seriously immobilizing, and you should not have to juggle your or your loved one’s recovery with the legal headache of figuring out when and how to claim damages. The legal team at the Law Office of Justin A. Wallace can offer legal assistance and support to help you through this challenging time. Attorney Justin A. Wallace is an experienced trial lawyer who can handle all the details of your civil claim, and the staff at the firm will provide a personable and supportive environment so you feel taken care of.

When you are suffering catastrophic injuries, you should not have to sacrifice any more of your physical and mental wellbeing. Let the Law Office of Justin A. Wallace handle your civil claim for damages. Contact the firm by calling (410) 996-4488 to get started.

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  • Negligent Failure to Warn $1,000,000
  • Slip & Fall $605,115
  • Pedestrian Accident $500,000
  • Forklift Accident $425,000
  • Pedestrian Accident $306,179.53
  • Motor Vehicle Collision $275,000
  • Slip & Fall $250,000
  • Auto Accident $155,000
  • Auto Accident $150,000
  • Pedestrian Accident $100,000

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